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The Wedding Singer

The Wranglers, The Muse Theatre, 27th – 31st May 2014 

The Wranglers receive a standing ovation for their production of ‘The Wedding Singer’. This musical is set in the 80’s. The inclusion of a page in the programme about ‘what was happening in 1985?’ was interesting and a brilliant idea as it gave some context to the show. The opening number was strong, with the entire cast dancing and singing at a wedding. The bride and groom gave us a hilarious first dance.

Robbie Hart played by Tom Davis, led the show as the wedding singer. His comedic timing was spot on and his over-dramatic sorrow at being left at the alter set the tone for his skilful acting throughout.  He was the lead singer of a band along with Sammy (Jack Higman) on bass and George (Adam Wade) on keyboard. Each played different characters. Sammy considered himself to be a ladies man and tried to impress the girls with his smooth dance moves. George was more in touch with his feelings and definitely had a soft spot for Sammy.

The scene in the ladies bathroom was great fun, with the bridesmaids appearing over the toilet stalls to join in with the song. Julia played by Kerry Hore had a sweet voice to match the personality of the character.

A standout character was Rosie (Julie Farmer), Robbie’s very hip gran, who had an interesting history with men, great dance moves and an ability to rap.

The orchestra played throughout most of the performance and were modern and upbeat. Unfortunately there were some problems with sound levels and the lighting could have been used to better effect. However overall this was a strong and unusual musical, that took us back to the 80’s.

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