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The Winter’s Tale

The Actor’s Wheel – 26 May Sterts Theatre, 27 May The Flavel Arts Centre Dartmouth, 28 May Barbican Theatre

This year’s cohort of first year BA Acting students continued to prove that Marjon has talent. The company began three years ago and the first of its students will be graduating this year. The slightly lesser known Shakespeare play, ‘The Winter’s Tale’ tells of the jealousy of a king which causes him to lose everything he holds dear. It tells of a prophecy relating to his family. We see the story unfold but does the prophecy ring true?

The King in question was played by Plymouth amateur-dramatic regular, William Morse. He showed a dark and melancholy side and spoke every word with clarity. His Queen, Hermione played by Jasmine Horth revealed a motherly instinct towards her onstage child Mamillius, played by Quinn Slade. His stage fighting was excellent and he accomplished every stage direction with precision. He could one day enrol on the BA Acting course.

Victoria Sherwood as Paulina was outstanding. She delivered the lines so naturally and conveyed the anguish to the audience yet also revealed the wise ways of the character.

The second act is much lighter than the first and features a celebration of sheep shearing. Hidden away in the hills, this community showed how elements of our modern day may have originated from long ago, with the actors posing for a ‘photo’ drawn with paper and pencil. Also, their dance routine which got the party going was brilliant and hilarious. 110% effort was made by all. The complete juxtaposition of the first and second act is interesting and The Actor’s Wheel demonstrated this transition using the effective staging. The second act was brightly lit and featured more vibrant colours.

Excellent work from The Actor’s Wheel. Shakespeare as you have never seen it before. They understand the play in so much depth and detail that it becomes very accessible to the audience.

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