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Top Hat

City Of Plymouth Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 21st – 25th November 2017 

Top Hat is a hilarious tale of mistaken identity which was captured in the film, starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. This talented dance duo certainly didn’t make it easy for those who performed the show on stage.

This dancing extravaganza features fast tap routines, ballroom sequences and all manner of toe tapping trickery. This didn’t seem to faze the City of Plymouth Theatre Company cast, who certainly proved to be triple threats.

Main characters Jerry Travers (Sam Wilson) and Dale Tremont (Jessica Emmett) don’t start on the best of terms and certainly prove to have a love-hate relationship. The couple created this dynamic perfectly and Jerry’s funny one liners were delivered with great comedic timing.

Not only were the leads putting on their best dancing shoes but the ensemble were keeping up with their fancy footwork. The dancers began the show with a glitzy tap dance routine in which they all kept completely in sync and executed the steps with confidence.

The cast proved they could dance ballroom too with a fabulous routine from a couple during the number ‘The Piccolino’. This fun number sets the scene for the second act which takes place in Italy. The cast put on their best Italian accents which were brilliantly funny.

Every main character and ensemble member created excellent characterisation, especially Bates who disguised himself as many different people. He is asked by his boss to carry out some investigative work. See if you can spot all his different characters!

Top Hat certainly has charm as well as fun and is the perfect choice of show for the winter season. This magical musical doesn’t have a Christmas theme but it somehow puts you in the festive mood thanks to the romantic storyline and wonderful cast.

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