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Treasure Island

Multistarz Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 9th – 11th January 2014

The Multistarz performed a pantomime loosely based on ‘Treasure Island’.

The show opened in the Tavern, owned by Ma Hawkins played by David Parish. She was everything you expect a dame to be and had a wonderful array of costumes, as did the whole company. Her son, Jim Hawkins was the hero of the show. He was played by Alannah Smith who purposely overacted to great effect.

The routine with the mops was highly successful. The Company pulled together to produce some of the best gags in the show. It was completely predictable which is what makes this well-loved sequence so successful. However they did bring their own jokes into a frequently used scene.

The concept of the underwater scene was brilliant. The use of UV lights to produce a mysterious new world was successful although it was slightly too long.

Long John played by Phil Screech was certainly a fan of adult jokes. It may have been a little risqué but it was hilarious. He was also skilled in talking to the audience.

Caitlin Owen performed a dance as a panther. She encapsulated the behaviour of the panther brilliantly and showed off her impressive dance skills.

The performance felt a little unpolished. The lack of music in the opening was unfortunate as the scene was animated and lively and music would have enhanced this. The Multistarz needed to pick up the pace as there were many long pauses in dialogue and during scene changes. The production sometimes lacked direction in the dance and song routines. These needed to be more structured and some of the singers need to work on their diction.

The Multistarz seem to love what they do and overall it was a fun and festive performance.

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