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Treasure Island

Ermington Players, Devonport Playhouse, 16th – 17th February 2017

‘Treasure Island’ opened to a receptive audience. The audience were excited to see what would unfold and gave an ‘oooo’ as the lights dimmed and the show began.

One of the youngest cast members, Jim Hawkins played by Liam Walton, was the pint sized hero. He matched the adult actors in ability and stayed in character throughout the show. His Mother, Mrs Hawkins (Bruce Robinson) played the classic pantomime dame, with many fabulous outfits and plenty of heckling from young audience members.

There were clever moments in the writing of the show. In one scene, two conversations were happening at once with hilarious results. One double act would unknowingly finish the other double act’s sentence leading to plenty of naughty innuendos.

Even the stagehands received a clap from the audience after finishing a scene change. They changed the scene in the interval with the curtain up which gave a great insight into what goes into completely changing a set. The stage was transformed for a ship to a desert island.

Once on the desert island the audience meets Ben Gunn (Nick Toms), who has been stranded on the island for far too long. He has developed a split personality with one half remaining a refined gentleman while the other half is a troublesome pirate. His costume reflected this so if he faced one way he was dressed as a gentleman and if he turned around he was wearing rags. Nick talentedly switched between the characters in an instant by changing his posture and voice.

The entire cast seemed to be having as much fun on-stage as the audience were from their seats. Entertain the children this half term with a fun night out at one of the last pantos of the season.

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