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White Christmas

City of Plymouth Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse,  20th – 28th November 2015

City of Plymouth Theatre Company took on a huge show. ‘White Christmas’ features many scene changes, big musical numbers and an array of costumes but the company conquered the task and produced a night of magical entertainment.

In the lead role of Captain Bob Wallace, Andrew Robinson performed a beautiful rendition of ‘Count Your Blessings’. In contrast he performed jazz standard ‘Blue Skies’. This number included dancers. The use of the stage was excellent and the dancers were faultless. The big musical numbers really were a spectacle.

The orchestra, who accompanied the cast, were slick and stylised. They created a big band sound with just 9 players but also sensitively handled the gentle songs.

The performance had such high energy throughout. Particularly impressive was Tom Lloyd as Private Phil Davis who sang while dancing a complex duet with Katy O’Brien as Judy Haynes.

Every cast member held their own. Rachel Tyson and Katy O’Brien as The Haynes Sisters worked wonderfully together. Especially in the number ‘Sisters’, a song I am sure many can relate to.

The staging was complex with many scene changes. Particularly clever was the train scene in which benches pulled out from the stage.

A small error was made in a scene where the dancers are rehearsing. A piano can be heard however nobody was playing the onstage piano.

The finale featured a cascade of snow, perhaps the only snow Plymouth will see this year. It added some extra Christmas cheer to start the season. City of Plymouth Theatre Company produced a show worthy of a professional stage. An absolute must see this Christmas.

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