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Wuthering Heights

Western College Players, The Drum, 17th-21st June 2014

The Western College Players’ edition of ‘Wuthering Heights’ began true to the book with Mr Lockwood (Tony Giles) narrating the story. He was later introduced to fellow narrator Nelly Dean played by Bella Stebbings. Bella delivered the lines with perfect clarity and excellently shifted between talking to Mr Lockwood and being part of the scene she was narrating.

The writing of April De Angelis does not shy away from showing Cathy as a domineering and contrary character who at times is most unpleasant. Kathryn Anderson carried this off well, beginning as a charming young girl and ending as a twisted and broken woman. She played alongside the equally deceitful and manipulative Heathcliff (Gareth Roberts). The heartache and longing between the two characters was unbearable to watch as the dark and haunting plot unfolded.

The story is fascinating as you see how all the characters are affected by the relationship between Heathcliff and Cathy. It eventually resolves with Cathy’s daughter (Kathryn Anderson) picking her cousin Hareton (Robin Lee) a poor soul who has not been schooled. Robin played Hareton as a kind hearted, shy man with signs of a young Heathcliff. Her Mother did not make such a wise choice and married Edgar Linton (Ben Kennedy-Day), a whiny, wimpy man who was brought up to be a gentleman. He portrayed this well and cleverly showed us glimpses into the possibility of him having true feelings for Cathy.

At times some characters needed to enunciate their words a little better. The biggest scene change of the production was a little slow but this was perhaps unavoidable.

The emotions in this performance were extremely powerful and this dark tale left the audience in haunted contemplation.

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