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The Drum Theatre, 21st – 25th June, The Tamaritans

The Tamaritans opened their first night of Macbeth to a full audience who eagerly awaited this dark tragedy to unfold. The audience was a mixed crowd of seasoned theatre goers and those studying Shakespeare for perhaps the first time.

The Tamaritans created a production that made Shakespeare completely accessible and understandable to the modern audience. The delivery of the humorous lines invoked laughter and the shocking moments created tension. During the pauses between scenes, the audience either sat in stunned silence or tittered and passed comment with their neighbour in reaction to the scene.

At the centre of the story are Macbeth (Tim Randell) and Lady Macbeth (Suzanne Hooper). Tim Randell had total control over the Shakespearian language and rhythm to create a passionate performance that communicated to the audience a full spectrum of turbulent emotions. This couple humanised Shakespeare’s characters by showing them as people with desires, fears, and passions.

Suzanne Hooper as Lady Macbeth depicted the slow demise of this character’s mental health perfectly and sensitively by beginning as a strong and manipulative character and ending in a vulnerable and disturbed state.

The entire cast from the children (Mirdori Dutta and Martha Clarke) to the adults had total control over the lines they were speaking and delivered them beautifully and with emotion. Every element of this show had been carefully thought out from the costumes to the set to the tasteful musical interludes.

Anna North as Seyton created magic out of the smallest moments. She always reacted to the action on stage and even made a show of the dramatic sound effects from the balcony.

‘I pray you, remember the Porter’ and we certainly did as Steve Baker made his way through the audience teasing them and providing a humorous interlude among the seriousness of this great tragedy.

The genius in Shakespeare’s writing was honoured tonight in this incredible performance of Macbeth by The Tamaritans.

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