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Peter Pan Jr

City of Plymouth Youth Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 6th – 7th October 2017

Audiences at the Devonport Playhouse were transported to Neverland with the cast of City Of Plymouth Youth Theatre Company’s ‘Peter Pan Jr’. This magical story full of pirates and Indians is always best told from the point of view of children which makes it the perfect show for youth companies.

A group of incredibly talented children took to the stage to guide us through this adventure. Tinkerbell played by Harriet Tyson narrated the tale and explained to us what it was like to be a fairy in a world of humans. We had to imagine her as a 2 inch tall pixie! She flitted around the stage jingling her bells to communicate with Peter Pan (Sam Goulden).

This classic story begins in the nursery of the Darling children. The three children had a great bond with Wendy (Bethan Harris) telling stories and singing to her mischievous brothers. Wendy sang beautifully throughout, performing a particularly moving rendition of ‘Your Mother and Mine’.

Whilst in Neverland, John (Josh Higman) and Michael (Hugh Plant) team up with the Lost Boys to sing ‘Following The Leader’. This fun number was excellently choreographed and the boys performed wonderfully, marching around the stage and projecting their voices.

The best musical number of the night was ‘What Makes A Brave Man Brave’. This all singing, all dancing routine brought the cast together and showed off their best performance skills.
The large cast of this production all clearly took pride in their performance, singing out with enthusiasm and drawing us in to the story. Some young stars emerged and bloomed in this production of ‘Peter Pan Jr’. The audience was packed with proud relatives, cheering in delight to see the hard work had payed off.

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