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Saints & Sinners

Sounds Musical Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse, 12th October

Sounds Musical Theatre Company present their annual revue with the theme ‘Saints & Sinners’. This collection of songs from the shows featured a mix of solos and ensemble numbers.

Under the direction of Jenny George, we heard the ladies of SMTC singing in harmony during ‘Morning Hymn’ from The Sound of Music. Their voices blended beautifully, appropriately presenting the peace and tranquillity of the nuns as is seen at the beginning of this musical.

However, when singing as soloists some of the singers seemed to struggle to transition between using the chest voice and the head voice, perhaps attempting to push their voices too far.

The company showed their strength as an ensemble during the song ‘Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ The Boat’ during which the character Nicely Nicely, played by Gordon Cook, is accompanied by the cast in a lively and entertaining number. The choral style played to the strengths of these singers and their energy was infectious.

This number definitely received an enthusiastic round of applause, as did Edward Gigg in ‘The Judges Song’. He handled this wordy song excellently and his delivery made it all the more comedic.

One of the biggest audience reactions of the evening came after Jenny George’s rendition of ‘Love Never Dies’. She demonstrated her true professionalism in soaring through this technically challenging number and presenting a heartfelt performance.

In between songs, we were treated to a couple of speeches and dances. The troop of dancers kept up their serious zombie expressions during their routine to the song ‘Thriller’ however it was clear from their high energy dance moves that they were enjoying themselves.

The show’s finale, ‘The Impossible Dream’, made for a stirring finish to an afternoon of enjoyable music.

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