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Shrek: The Musical

Plymouth Theatre Company, 8th – 12th March, Devonport Playhouse

How do you take an animated movie and turn it into a stage musical? With incredible costumes, fantastic staging and fun special effects, including a giant puppet dragon. Plymouth Theatre Company’s production of Shrek: The Musical gave audiences the chance to see this relatively new musical performed with high-energy and wonderful humour.

Shrek (Tony Outterside) is brought to life in all his mean green glory alongside his chatterbox donkey (Shah Rahman) companion with all new songs. Who would have thought it would seem perfectly natural for an ogre to burst into song? Particularly when trying to declare his love to the feisty Princess Fiona (Danielle Barter).

The costumes pulled you right into the fantasy world of Duloc with a full cast of fairytale creatures throughout the show including Humpty Dumpty, the White Rabbit, and Pinnochio complete with extending nose.

Lord Farquaad entered to roars of laughter with the clever costume design to make him appear as short as the animated version. Of course, Tim Scott-Lloyd’s hilarious acting made this even funnier as he threw himself completely into the role.

The Dragon voiced by Charlotte Manning gave the audience a thrill with smoke-filled nostrils and moving wings and mouth. The team of puppeteers did an amazing job at bringing the character to life.

It is great to see the doors to the Devonport Playhouse reopen after nearly two years, complete with refurbishments. Clearly, from the smiles on everyone’s faces, the cast, crew, and volunteers had come home to their wonderful theatre and were ready to share it with a receptive audience.

Hearing the live band strike up instantly captured the magic of theatre as the audience sat back for a night of laughs and fun. This family-friendly show truly has something for everyone.

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