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The Hunchback of Notre Dame

26th – 30th April, PGS Theatre Productions, Devonport Playhouse

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is being brought to the stage by PGS Theatre Productions in this dramatic telling of a story that has Esmerelda the gypsy girl at its centre. It teaches us about love and acceptance through the eyes of outcasts.

The show opens with the entire cast singing ‘Olim’. The orchestra and harmonising voices sent shivers down the spine as the thrilling music filled the auditorium.

Lucy Oliver was a captivating Esmerelda from the twirling dance scenes to the more serious and profound moments. ‘God Help The Outcasts’ proved a particularly poignant moment in the show with an emotional delivery of this beautiful song.

While there are many of the famous Disney songs in this musical, the re-telling of this Victor Hugo story is quite dark and intense. It is a thrilling watch that may be more suited to older families. There are some flashing lights towards the end of the production which certainly add a dramatic effect to the performance.

To bring to life the gypsy characters, there were an array of fabulous costumes, including Clopin and Esmerelda’s outfits which were designed by Robyn Westcott. Anna Dunford as Clopin perfectly matched her vibrant costume with an equally energetic performance.

Phil Russo as Claude Frollo provided a complete contrast to the outgoing gypsies by perfectly depicting the internal battle he was having throughout the story as a man of God in a world full of sin.

Overall, the Hunchback of Notre Dame is a thrilling performance that is full of intense emotion and a blend of choral and musical theatre singing. Everything from the staging to the lighting completely immersed the audience into the setting of 15th Century Paris.

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