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Young Frankenstein

25th – 28th May, Sounds Musical Theatre Company, Devonport Playhouse

Sounds Musical Theatre Company presents Young Frankenstein. I had never heard of this musical by Mel Brooks of ‘The Producers’ fame before attending this show so I was in for a pleasant surprise. If in any doubt, book your tickets for an evening of innuendo and fun. Young Frankenstein shows a new side of Sounds Musical Theatre Company that is very cheeky!

Two years after the Devonport Playhouse closed following Sounds Musical Theatre Company’s performance of The Wind In The Willows, they are back on the stage and seem to be enjoying every minute of it!

The whole company worked together to create the village of Transylvania with the rowdy villagers, excellent costumes, a spooky set, and the unbeatable sound of a live band.

Comedic timing is essential to the success of this show and Inga, played by Laura Williams, excelled at delivering the lines to the greatest comic effect. The ‘Roll In The Hay’ song set the tone for her character but also showed off her fabulous singing skills, especially during the yodelling segment.

The female characters stole the show with Lindsay Gowland as Frau Blucher performing a confident and racy rendition of ‘He Vas My Boyfriend’. She absolutely owned the stage with the choreography and, like Inga, had impeccable comedic timing.

This show does contain flashing lights – it couldn’t be a show about the Frankenstein family without them as Dr Frederick Frankenstein (Adam Jones) quickly follows in his relative’s footsteps by creating The Monster (Malcolm Rowe)!

The best way to describe this performance is unexpected. For a lesser-known musical it is definitely a hidden gem that will appeal to the modern day audience. Sounds Musical Theatre Company sang, tap danced, and monster mashed their way through a fun night of entertainment.

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